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About Chris

I do a lot of things, and sometimes it's easier to point people to half-written, poorly maintained blogs, or random sites full of weird 3D models with very, very, specific and ultimately obscure uses. This is a collection of things I generally point people at. It's a chance for you to find out what I'm talking about when I say 'oh yeah, I put those up on Thingiverse', to see that project that keeps me up until 3am, and for my old school chums to finally find out what actually happened to that socially awkward nerd. Lots of stuff is here, and if you want to get in touch you're more than welcome to track me down via any of these platforms.

Check out the 2018 Wellington MakerFaire

Lots of makers getting together, and we'll be there flying drones! Come see creativity in action.

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Robotic Prosthetics

Making a real difference

I never realised how much it can mean to make a difference to a persons life until I started working on this project. This 3D printed, robotic hand - based on the Hackberry project - has taken a new lease of life with lots of modification, and a specialised control system.

Demos coming soon
Wellington MakerFaire

Droneflying inside. Why not!

When the Wellington MakerFaire announced it was looking for makers and creators to present what they do I thought 'why not!'. When I read there was interest in drones though, I had the cheeky idea of submitting a proposal to fly inside - and that's exactly what we did!

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Adventures in game writing

As a kid I loved playing Star Control. As an old kid I love the concept of simple MMO games like Slither.io, and to top it all off I have always wanted to write a game. A bit of JavaScript, Phaser and Node.js, a whole lot of Googling, and we're away with something of a hybrid!

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Indoor drone racing and STEM outreach

Drone racing is huge, and sadly inaccessible to many people. We fly tiny drones indoors, and share knowledge through educational spots and demos. I blog about our endeavours and wrangle new and interesting places for us to fly.

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Chris Does Enduro

Long Distance Cycling

A short blog I put together while I was training for the double-lap at the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. I ended up pulling out due to injury, but cycling is one of those things I keep going back to. Maybe next year?

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Things I make and publish

Did you know Fusion 360 (think: Autocad) is free for personal projects and startups? Crazy! I use it, along with Blender, for messing around in 3D and making things to fix problems. I publish a lot of my things on Thingiverse, check 'em out!

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